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Resonator Guitar

A resonator guitar or resophonic guitar is an acoustic guitar whose sound is produced by one or more spun metal cones (resonators) instead of the wooden sound board (guitar top/face). Resonator guitars were originally designed to be louder than regular acoustic guitars, which were overwhelmed by horns and percussion instruments in dance orchestras. They became prized for their distinctive sound, however, and found life with several musical styles (most notably bluegrass and the blues) well after electric amplification solved the issue of inadequate guitar sound levels.
Resonator guitars are of two styles:
Square-necked guitars played in steel guitar style;
Round-necked guitars played conventional guitar style or lap steel guitar style;
There are three main resonator designs:
The Tricone, with three metal cones, designed by the first National;
The single cone "biscuit" design of other National instruments;
The single inverted-cone design (aka "spider bridge") of the Dobro;